What are the operators in Notion (Complete Guide)

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Operators are the lifeline of using Notion and simplifying our work experience. Any mathematical calculation or operation that is performed requires the use of Operators. Operators help to operate calculations in between numbers and give us the final output. In Notion, we have several types of operators that can be used in this no-code tool: … Read more

8 ways to make money online using Notion in 2023

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Notion has quickly grown to be a popular and indispensable no-code tool amongst people across the globe. This tool has immense popularity when it comes to managing businesses and productivity in general. Known as a simple note-taking tool this has certainly evolved into much more than a note-taking tool in the recent past. But, today … Read more

What are the properties in Notion (Detailed Guide)

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What are the properties in Notion? While using a Notion formula, you can use prop() which helps to define any particular characteristic or dataset that will be used for further calculations or assessment. prop() pulls the relevant data from another property in place inside the tool and helps us perform several functions as shown below. … Read more

21+ best features of Notion in 2023

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What are the best features of using Notion in 2023? Notion, as it says, is an all-in-one workspace for your tasks, notes, wikis, and databases put together. It is mainly used by teams and individuals who are looking to organize and manage their daily tasks, projects, documents, or even project-related deadlines in one central location. … Read more