8 ways to make money online using Notion in 2023

Notion has quickly grown to be a popular and indispensable no-code tool amongst people across the globe.

This tool has immense popularity when it comes to managing businesses and productivity in general.

Known as a simple note-taking tool this has certainly evolved into much more than a note-taking tool in the recent past. But, today we are here to discuss the money-making potential that is available with using Notion.

Today we are going to discuss how you can use Notion to make money online right from the comfort of your couch and internet connection.

List of ways to make money online using Notion in 2023

Here’s a complete overview of the ways you can make money online using Notion in 2023 and beyond:

WaysProcessEarnings Potential
Sell Notion TemplatesSell templates on Websites hosting notion templates$9 – $49 per template
Sell Notion Icons and avatarsSell in bundles for avatars and icons$10 – $15 per bundle
Create Notion toolsMonthly or yearly costs $24 – $59 per month 
Consulting in NotionHourly costs$250 – $10000 per consultant
YouTube channel in NotionCreate a YouTube channel centered around NotionBased on ad rates or products sold
Notion WebsiteCreate a personal blog or website to sell productsAdsense or Products
Notion FreelancingCreate a gig online and start selling services$43 per gig
Selling CoursesCreate and sell courses online on Udemy or other sites$8 – $10 per course

Let’s get started..

  1. Selling Notion Templates

This is my first and obvious preferred choice when it comes to making money from Notion.

Templates are essentially made for use by a person and customized as per the needs of the person.

Many Notion creators make products that can help them with their own tasks and enhance their productivity in due course of time.

As such these templates can also be customized to suit others’ needs and can be sold for money.

How much can you make from selling Notion Templates online?

I have made $659 selling Notion Templates online on Gumroad and other platforms in a span of 2 months of learning about Notion.

The beauty of selling Notion Templates is that it is completely a passive income source as the same template keeps on selling time and again with people coming onto your platform again and again.

I typically sell my products in the range of up to $9 for each product and some content creators even charge as high as $129 for each.

This makes selling Notion templates a lucrative one-person business model.

How to get started selling Notion Templates Online

Selling a Notion Template requires you to list on as many platforms as possible which can help you make money selling Notion Templates.

Some of the prominent platforms to list notion templates in 2023 are:

  • Notion.so
  • Gumroad
  • Notioneverything.com
  • Promotion
  • Notionland etc.

I have covered an entire article on the best platforms to sell your Notion Templates in 2023.

Selling Notion Icons and Avatars

Notioners have a craze for creating their own custom avatar to sport their look on their social media profiles much like my avatar on the platform.

This creates a demand among the artists who can create these custom hand-made avatars for people and create unique stylized avatars to grow their business.

How much money can you make selling Notion Custom avatars?

Anyone who would be willing to try selling out Notion icons or avatars online can expect to definitely make around $30 – $99 per avatar that you create.

How to get started selling Notion custom avatars?

The best place to start promoting your work would be Twitter or any social media community. 

People are looking to create their own style of avatar online and you can expect to get a good following on social media profiles as well.

Once you build a good following, you can start to sell your products on Gumroad or any other digital media selling platforms to start making money out of it.

Create Notion Tools

As much as Notion improves our life and becomes a go-to tool when it comes to the no-code world, there’s always scope for improvement.

This is where programmers with coding knowledge come into the frame.

You can think of anything that can simplify Notion’s experience and create a tool around it, such as Notionforms.io.

Notionforms.io helps to create beautiful forms to use in your Notion database.

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How much money can you make from Notion tools?

Typically this depends on what kind of tool you are building and what is monetization strategy in place.

Most people would charge a monthly fee or annual fee for using their tool.

The pricing plans generally stay for each month or an annual usage depending upon the subscription plan taken for.

Julien Nahum makes around $200K ARR from his bootstrapped one-person business, i.e. NotionForms.io.

One can typically look to build an online audience or maybe use Reddit or Discord to capture the audience’s attention and try to draw people onto your progress of building the product.

This will slowly lead to more conversions in the time to come and will help to make your business sustainable by selling Notion Tools.

4. Consulting in Notion

Consulting is another model where you can make money from the use of Notion.

Certified consultants are the people who hold the badge of being authenticated and certified to help you progress on your Notion experience and give consultation when it comes to using Notion.

The certified consultants charge a hefty amount of fees for the project involved and they typically are in the range of $1000 – $10000 for each project.

As such consultation involves a great deal of knowledge and experience knowing about the tool and putting it to good use when it comes to marketing your knowledge as well.

One must look to be certified as a Notion consultant to get that competitive edge when it comes to providing consultancy for a client.

Again the best place to market yourself is Twitter and other social media channels out there.

5. Create a YouTube channel on Notion

YouTube is one of the best places to start learning about Notion.

As such, there is immense exposure for anyone who is looking to create content around Notion and start building an audience from thereon.

The platform offers an amazing opportunity for any content creator.

YouTube can offer so many ways to monetize your content such as:

  • Advertising (Default option)
  • Selling Notion Templates
  • Consultancy services
  • Selling courses and much more.

There are many Notion content creators who are teaching on YouTube and trying to market their knowledge and experience through the platform.

When it comes to making money from YouTube, there is much scope on offer.

How much money can you make from the Notion YouTube channel?

I have generated roughly $44.60 from my Notion YouTube channel.

I have around 1700 views, out of which most of the views are from YouTube shorts.

This gives a good estimate as to how much you can expect to make if you have a decent viewership.

Along with this the conversion rate also matters for making decent revenue.

Here’s another example:

Max Miles has made roughly around $463 (based on 47 ratings) with one video that has got around 8300 views in total. 

Note: Generally 10% of people rate a product online. This means the actual revenue could be around the $4500 – $5000 mark.

Start a Notion Blog website

A blog or a website is one of the best ways to document yourself and build a personal brand around what you do.

Having your own personal blog makes a whole lot of difference to your personal branding.

Once you have made a good name for yourself, you can look to utilize your expertise in the direction of your choice.

Then you can generate the income you desire for.

From this website, I have generated $9 in sales from 2 visitors who happened to visit my Gumroad store.

The number may not be big enough, but this shows the potential that it holds when you build your own personal brand online.

Not to say, it takes effort and one must be persistent to build it long-term.

To get started, all you need is a domain name and registration of the domain to help you grow your business online from your website.

Start freelancing on Notion

Freelancing on Notion is also a lucrative option when it comes to selling your gig online.

Freelancers on Notion typically charge around $27 – $100 per gig and they deliver work in the form of a dashboard that a person typically requires.

Freelancing comes with a lot of benefits of getting in touch with potential big clients or anyone who would need expert services and has something on offer.

If you are comfortable delivering work and can deliver upon others’ requirements, you can very well work as a freelancer in Notion and make good money from that.

Providing courses on Notion

Selling courses on Notion is a big opportunity when it comes to making money online.

Courses are one-time investments during their creation.

And if the course has a good performance in terms of rating and appeal, it will keep on selling to audiences again and again.

One can create a digital course related to Notion and look to give knowledge to the people about it.

Courses are an amazing opportunity when it comes to adding people to your network and selling for good money.

Typically courses are selling for less than $10 and if you package the content really well.

There is a much higher chance of finding amazing success with it.

One of the best-known platforms to sell any course online is Udemy.

Udemy has a lot of potential to expose your talent to the right audience.

And also build a reputation you can look to create around the globe.

This brings us to the end of the discussion of making money online with Notion.

Now let’s wrap up the entire discussion so far.


Making money online is not difficult and is definitely worth all the effort when you put in the desired work to make the best out of the no-code tool.

If you are looking to make money online from using Notion, start with learning the basics of Notion and then gradually start to sell your skills on the above platforms as discussed earlier.

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