Best Websites to Get Notion Icons in 2023 (Top 13+)

Are you looking for icons to add to your Notion workspace? If yes, then you are in the right place! 

Today, we are going to look into 7 such websites where you can find beautiful Notion Icons for your daily use to beautify your workspace.

We will cover the following in the article:

  • Icon Styles
  • Icon Categories
  • Icon Formats
  • Pricing and License

Let’s get started 🎉

List of platforms to find Notion Icons

Here’s a complete overview of the list of platforms to find Notion Icons:

PlatformBest known for
CanvaPopular Graphic Design Platform
notion.erajasekarColored and Dark Icons for use
icons8Large library of icons for PNG, SVG, EPS and PDF
flaticonHuge library of icons for PNG, SVG, SVG, AI
veryiconMassive built-in collection of icons for use
notion.vipSelected categories of icons for use
svgrepoAll colored style notion icons in use
super.soCopy and Paste the simple icons in use
thenounproject.comHuge database of over 5 million icons
svgicons.sparkk.frSVG Icons library for use
freepik.comPhotos, Vectors, and PSD files are available
freeicons.ioMassive collection of premium and free icons
reshot.comOver 40000 icons are available
uxwing.comExclusive collection of free icons available for download
Best platforms to find notion icons

1. Canva

Icon StylesFlat, outline, and glyph
Icon CategoriesEducation, Business, Mass Media etc
Icon FormatsPNG, SVG, JPG
Pricing PlansFree and Paid plans are available

Canva is a really popular Graphic Design website for different types of people looking to use Canva for their personal and professional use.

This site hosts a huge variety of icons and graphics for use when it comes to using it for your work.

The site in itself is easy to use and you can find plenty of graphic images and icons when it comes to putting it across onto your Notion workspace.

As such its free to signup and create an account and get started using Canva.


Icon StylesFlat
Icon CategoriesEducation, Business, Mass Media, etc
Icon FormatsNot Applicable
Pricing PlansNot Applicable

Next up, we have This site has been developed by someone who provides really quality icons for use.

One can find the option to customize the icons as per requirements such as Dark mode or even different colored icons where one simply needs to copy and paste the icon directly to the Notion workspace.

Click here to get started now on notion.erajasekar. 

3. icons8

Icon Styles2D and 3D
Icon CategoriesIcons, illustrations, photos, music and design tools
Icon FormatsPNG and SVG
Pricing PlansMonthly and Yearly applies

Next up, we have icons8 which has a good database and a collection of icons and images for use.

There are options to choose from illustrations, photos, music, and design tools. The pricing options included in the platform are monthly and yearly.

Click here to get started with icons8.

4. flaticon

Icon StylesVector Icons and stickers
Icon CategoriesTechnology, Education, User, People, Food, Security
Icon FormatsPNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and CSS
Pricing PlansMonthly and Yearly applies

Flaticon is one of the widely used and popular websites to grab icons for use.

This site boats over 9.8M vector icons and stickers that can be found in the PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and CSS formats. Having such a wide and huge collection of formats for icons will help to easily grab icons for use.

There are animated icons, interface-based icons, and other icons for use.

Click here to get started on Flaticon now.

5. veryicon

Icon StylesHigh-Quality Icons available for use
Icon CategoriesAnimal, Application, Art, Avatar etc
Icon FormatsICO and PNG images
Pricing PlansN.A.

One of my favorite sites to use is veryicon.

This site can easily be searched for numerous requirements such as Clothing, Sports, Application, Art, and other cases. The site has a wonderful navigation setup that allows users to easily go through the site and find icons for use.

The site has over 500k icons in the database and one can grab anything for use by just a simple search.

Click here to get started on veryicon.


Icon StylesFlaticon
Icon CategoriesLight and Dark categories
Icon FormatsCopy and Paste for use
Pricing PlansN.A.

This site is developed for Notion users in general and hosts a wide collection of icons such as Brands and Social Media, Charts and Graphs, Design, Education, Fashion, Holidays etc.

Again the site has a clean interface and one can just simply copy and paste the icons to get going with their work.

Click here to get started with

7. svgrepo

Icon StylesSVG Vector and Icons
Icon CategoriesAll style icons available for use
Icon FormatsSVG icons
Pricing PlansN.A.

When it comes to finding SVG icons for use, svgrepo is the place to goto. This site has over 500000 open licensed SVG icons and vector icons for use that can be used in the Notion workspace by the user.

One can easily search and find notion icons when required and edit and remix for use as desired.

Click here to get started now.


Icon StylesFlat Icons
Icon CategoriesSelected icons for use 
Icon FormatsCopy and Paste icons
Pricing PlansMonthly and Yearly plans available 

Next up, we have which has a handful collection of icons for use that can be used by a user by just copying the icons. 

The icons give basic functionalities for the user while using the Notion workspace. In order to search for an icon, the user simply needs to search and find the icon for use.

Click here to get started with

9. thenounproject

Icon Styles2D icons
Icon CategoriesEmotions, Health and wellness, technology 
Icon FormatsVector, PNG and SVG icons
Pricing PlansMonthly and Yearly plans available 

Next up, in the list is thenounproject.

This site has an amazing collection of over 5 million icons which vary widely across several categories such as Nature, Health and Wellness, and other spaces.

One needs to access their API in order to get started using the icons for their work.

Click here to get started on the nounproject.


Icon StylesCopy and Paste icons for use
Icon CategoriesWide variety of icons available 
Icon FormatsSVG icons
Pricing PlansCopy and Paste the code to use

Next up, we have, which is a personal site developed by a person for their own use.

This site has a wide range of SVG icons that can be used for your project and as such the icons are downloadable as well.

Click here to get started on

11. freepik

Icon StylesPSD, 3D and Font type icons
Icon CategoriesEnvironment, Textures, Patterns, Vectors
Icon FormatsVectors, Stock Photos and PSD icons
Pricing PlansIndividual and Teams options available

Next up, we have one of the amazing sites, i.e.

This site has been in existence for a long time and has a huge collection of wonderful icons which can be used by the user in their project.

There are wide categories of icons available in their library and one can take advantage of searching across their database to find the right fit for their need.

Click here to get started using freepik now.


Icon StylesFlat based icons
Icon CategoriesCompany, Greetings, Growth icons etc
Icon FormatsSVG, PNG, AI, EPS and PSD Icons
Pricing Plans$4

Next up, we have This site too has a good collection of icons for use and one can download the icon in the SVG, PNG, or PSD icon format right from the word go.

As such there are numerous ways to download the icons in use and people can search across the platform to find the right fit for themselves.

Click here to get started on


Icon StylesFlat-based icons
Icon Categories40000+ icons listed 
Icon FormatsSVG, Vector, PNG Icons
Pricing PlansFree to use

Next up, we have This site too has a good collection of over 40000 icons for use without too much fuss and worry. The site includes a lot of different categories of icons such as Business, Social Media, Medical, Real Estate, and more.

Click here to get started now.

14. uxwing

Icon StylesFlat-based icons
Icon CategoriesBusiness, Alphabet and E-Commerce based icons
Icon FormatsCompressed SVG and PNG Icons
Pricing PlansFree to use

Next up, we have uxwing in the list. This is another great platform to find icons for your use.

The site lists an amazing set of social media icons, alphabet-based icons, time and calendar-based icons, and much more for their use.

Click here to get started using uxwing now.

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We have covered some of the amazing platforms to grab Notion icons online.

Overall, it’s not that difficult to find notion icons around as it’s easily one of the best ways to find the icons for use around.

What’s your favorite platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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