Couple’s Finance Tracker in 2023 (Complete How To Guide)

notion couple tracker, couple's tracker, finance tracker for couples

Hi, there đź‘‹. Welcome to the accountantguy.  Today, we are going to learn how we can create this fantastic minimalistic Couple’s Finance Tracker to monitor and manage the finances of couples by keeping track of their incomes, expenses, and savings funds. It helps couples to stay on top of their finances and set priorities for … Read more

100+ Notion Keyboard Shortcuts in 2023 (Windows and Mac)

notion keyboard shortcuts

Notion is an excellent no-code tool when it comes to managing work and improving the productivity associated with it. However, when it comes to using Notion effectively with complete productivity you need to master the shortcuts associated to using it to enhance and improve your experience of using Notion. In this post, I have included … Read more

Similarities between Notion and Spreadsheets (21+ Included)

similarities between notion and sheets

Notion is a much-talked-about no-code tool used by people when it comes to productivity and management of life in general. There are so many things that we can do to simplify our life with the use of Notion. But many people find it difficult to get started with using Notion as they feel it is … Read more